The big day (or night) has arrived. Now what?

Well, you’ve already chosen to give birth at West Houston Medical Center because of its quality care, its convenience, and its affiliation with The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. Here’s what happens next.

Your Birth ExperienceFirst, pull right up to the hospital’s main entrance and valet your car for free. Assuming your labor has not progressed to a point where delivery is eminent, or assuming that you have a scheduled Cesarean section, you’ll be shown to one of our antepartum rooms and be evaluated. We’ll immediately notify your doctor of your arrival and provide an update on your status.

When the labor process approaches, you will be moved to one of our labor and delivery suites. This room will be equipped with all necessary monitoring equipment while still maintaining an environment that is comfortable and attractive. Though we are committed to helping mothers deliver vaginally, two adjacent operating rooms are reserved for Cesarean delivery.

After delivery, you and your baby are given a chance to bond, and initial check-ups are performed. From there, you will be moved to a private postpartum rooms or one of our Woman’s Suites, depending on availability, and your baby will go the nursery for further tests (hearing, metabolic, etc.). Assuming everything goes as it should, he or she (or they!) won’t be gone long—as much mother-baby time as possible is encouraged.

Questions about what else you can expect? Call us at 281-588-8065 and we’ll talk you through it.